Equip yourselves with useful and important information

October 17, 2007 at 10:16 am Leave a comment

Have you ever had problems that might result from not fully comprehending labor law (labor code)?

Only when a friend of mine, who graduated from RMIT with a bachelor of commerce degree, asked me about social insurance, health insurance, labor contract and severance allowance issues in labor code, I realized that Vietnamese workers don’t have adequate knowledge about their legitimate benefits.

On the very fist week joining FCGV, which is his first company here in Vietnam, an Australian colleague of mine searched on the internet for the Labor Code of Vietnam and asked me some questions regarding the mentioned issues. I found one of the differences between foreign workers and Vietnamese workers are the proactive attitude. Vietnamese only search for the useful information when it comes to problems while foreigners they learn the information in advance.

I agree that you cannot find information about the labor code from courses at schools or universities unless you learn about accounting and finance. However, you can find it from books at bookstore or just try a quick search on Google, you can easily find that kind of information. That kind of information helps you a lot to get your deserved benefits as well as determine whether the company you are working for is a good employer or not. My friend only found out that her company violated the Labor Code seriously after consulting me. Why should you work for such a company like that? It’s because you don’t know the information. I also know some other cases people don’t know how to get their own benefits or how to protect themselves because of lacking of basic information.

So, my friends, please equip yourselves with useful and important information before it comes to time you realized that you are made use by bad employers.


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