A book that causes changes

October 20, 2007 at 2:20 pm Leave a comment

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.”
– Henry D. Thoreau –

One day I went to a bookstore with my closed friend and found a nice designed book with quite a long title “Our fingers are still scented with lavender” (Ngón tay mình còn thơm mùi oải hương). That title sounded familiar to me as I had read good reviews for the book on some newspaper and magazines and I asked my friend whether I should buy the book (my friend is really good at literature and she reads many many books). The answer I got was I shouldn’t buy it because it is not as good as the book “My dear Oxford” (Oxford thương yêu) (I translated all the books’ name from Vietnamese into English by myself, hence it may not correct). Luckily, after a while of hesitation, I decided to buy the book anyway.

After reading the first article in the book, I knew that I didn’t have to regret because of buying it. The author, who is just my age, narrated her interesting journeys from places to places, countries to countries and embedded in her narrations were her own thoughts and feelings. I let my mind following her freely and enjoyed the journeys with her. Every story, every sentence has a seduction that made me can’t take my eyes off the book. Like kids playing basketball and dreaming of being the next Michael Jordan, I want to be like Uyen Ngo, to experience the life of an international student in Europe, to see and feel the historical and interesting places in the world with my own eyes and to have the insight of western people, their habit, their points of view towards Vietnam.

So, I decided that I have to get a scholarship to study in Europe and I started planning for my life. The first thing I decided to do was getting a more-than-or-at-least-equal-900 score in the TOEIC test. Besides, I also tried to add more sport activities into my daily life and go walking or jogging every morning was a good start. Step by step, I am changing my life and finding endless fun in absorbing knowledge. Now I know for sure that I can only be satisfied by winning a scholarship to Europe.


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